Village Banking

LTS enables villages to run a bank in rural areas. Through trainings and the digital banking platform we can bridge the last mile of financial inclusion and the digital divide.

Villages with a village bank can effectively reduce poverty by 10% in three years. Our digital platform supports the loan assessment through AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Our System Suggest a loan decission based on Historical data, which will lead to smarter loan decission.

"I will put the money in the village bank and save it for the baby. It feels good to save money. I can use it when we need extra money.”

19-year-old Lae Xayyasone, Attapeu (LAO PDR)

The story of lts ventures growth, since 2019



Projects are initiatives aimed at financing environmentally sustainable projects or investments that have positive impacts on the environment.

Fiduciary & Risk Assessments

We employ a rigorous risk management framework to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks, safeguarding investor capital and maximizing returns

Financial inclusion research

The project aimed at providing access to affordable and reliable financial services to underserved populations, including low-income individuals and small businesses.


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